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Steel Security Doors Vs. Wood or Fiberglass

Have you considered installing steel security doors for your home? If not, you should. The average exterior doors are easily pried, beaten or kicked down. Don’t live in a false sense of safety. A steel door provides a fortified physical barrier between you and any thieves, keeping your house, valuables, and—most importantly—your family safe. The […]

How Does a Multi-Point Lock System Provide Better Security?

A multi-point lock system is an essential asset to securing your entries. If the safety of your house and valuables is not a concern to you, it should be. It is estimated that a house is broken into every 30 seconds in the United States. Home invasion is a real threat that could happen to […]

Smart Home Technology Yale™ Electronic Locks: A Secure Advantage

If you are currently leaving a spare key on your property, you could benefit from smart home technology Yale™ electronic locks for doors. This new hardware simultaneously offers convenience and better protection. Better Security If you have multiple people coming in and out of your house, the most common way to grant them entry is […]

Decorative Security Doors

The Secure Door decorative doors are guaranteed to protect your home from forced entry. Do not sacrifice safety for beauty—it is possible to have both! Break-ins in the United States are at an all-time high. Most break-ins happen through the front door. Residents are beginning to see the wisdom in protecting their entrances. Do not […]

What Makes Our Security Doors Different?

Google the phrase “security doors” and you will find millions of companies selling different products promising safety, so I’m sure many of you are wondering: “What makes The Secure Door different from the rest of these sellers?” There are several distinctive differences between our security doors and all others. 1. Multi-Point Lock Hardware We are […]