Mohave Full Light Security Door

Decorative Security Doors

The Secure Door decorative doors are guaranteed to protect your home from forced entry. Do not sacrifice safety for beauty—it is possible to have both!

Break-ins in the United States are at an all-time high. Most break-ins happen through the front door. Residents are beginning to see the wisdom in protecting their entrances. Do not let yourself be vulnerable.

The average entrance can easily be kicked in, making your valuables and—most importantly—your loved ones open to burglaries. All of our doors made with a steel interior that cannot be broken or pried open and also comes with a steel frame.

The average security door is, frankly, often not the most attractive. In contrast, our decorative doors each add value and beauty your house. Our goal is that you feel proud to show off the front of your house. Our decorative doors definitely accomplish what we’ve set out to do.

You can even get impact resistant doors with gorgeous glass structures. Each product with these structures features ODL glass. Some of our most attractive decorative doors include the Mohave Full Light and the Heirloom Full Light.

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