Do I Really Need to Secure My Exterior Doors?

Guarding your exterior doors is critical in today’s world. Some of us live life thinking that we are perfectly safe and nothing bad can ever happen. Unfortunately, this false sense of safety can make you the prime target for a break in. Here are some top reasons why you need to prepare your exterior doors to defend against trespassers.

Typical Break In Methods

Did you know that 60% of all intruders come through exterior doors? Thieves are not shy about simply walking through your entrances. It is easy for seasoned thieves to kicked down or pry open the average door. This act can be done is as little as 30 seconds.

Why It Matters

Once a burglar is inside your house, it takes them as little as 5-10 minutes to wreak havoc. The average property dollar loss per incident is a staggering $2,251. Over 1,520,000 residential burglaries occurred in 2016, causing $3.6 billion in property losses.

Alarms Don’t Cut It

Some of you may be thinking, “But I have an alarm system. That’s all I need, right?”

Wrong. An alarm is a great supplement to your security system, but it will do little good once an intruder is already in your home. Police often take too long to arrive, and once they are there it is already too late. In fact, few home invaders are ever caught and arrested—only 13.6% of residential invasions in 2014 resulted in arrests.

Decorative High Impact Exterior Doors

Stop trespassers from breaking and entering to begin with. When it comes to your valuables and—most importantly—your loved ones, you cannot take chances.

The Secure Door offers decorative and affordable high impact doors that guarantee protection against forced entry. Between our steel interior, steel frame, and multi-point lock design, these tough doors easily thwart anyone who tries to gain access through your entrances. You can use for garage, side, and main entries to ensure ideal protection.

Read more about what makes our exterior doors different in our blog. Email questions to us at or call give us a call at 1-775-785-0050.

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