Smart Home Technology Yale™ Electronic Locks: A Secure Advantage

If you are currently leaving a spare key on your property, you could benefit from smart home technology Yale™ electronic locks for doors. This new hardware simultaneously offers convenience and better protection.

Better Security

If you have multiple people coming in and out of your house, the most common way to grant them entry is by leaving a spare somewhere on the property. Unfortunately, doing so is a huge safety risk. Seasoned burglars are intelligent. They will watch to see where you hide it and wait until you leave, granting them easy access to your home and valuables.


This smart home technology allows you the convenience of entering your home with a code or app on your phone. No more worrying about losing your keys! And this way, you don’t have to carry one around either.

Plus, with Yale™ electronic locks you can receive notifications to know who is coming in and out of your home. Give each person their own separate code and delete or change it any time you’d like, giving you better control over who can access your entries.

Why We Choose Yale™

We specifically designed our patented locking platform to work with Yale™ products, both the manual and electronic. Yale™ is an outstanding brand ahead of the game in the lock industry. Combine this superior manufacturer with our multi-point lock system, and you get the high standard impact protection for your home that you deserve.

Security Doors with Smart Home Technology Yale™ Electronic Locks

The Secure Door features decorative high impact exterior entrances with a multi-point locking system. All bolts engage simultaneously into a steel frame using standard door hardware. You can choose a manual deadbolt or smart home technology Yale™ electronic locks. And our products are as beautiful as they are protected. Call us at 1-775-785-0050 or email info@thesecuredoor.com if you have any questions!

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