Steel Security Doors Vs. Wood or Fiberglass

Have you considered installing steel security doors for your home? If not, you should. The average exterior doors are easily pried, beaten or kicked down. Don’t live in a false sense of safety. A steel door provides a fortified physical barrier between you and any thieves, keeping your house, valuables, and—most importantly—your family safe.

The Secure Door manufactures superior security doors to help you defend your home against break ins. Our patented design starts with a 22-gauge steel interior for each entrance along with steel door frames. This aspect of our design is an important standard for each of our products. Oftentimes what can happen with steel security doors is that the door itself is secure, but robbers can pry or break it down from the frame.

The Secure Door guarantees protection from forced entry. Our superior security system survives the toughest of high impact situations and cannot be pried open. Take a look at some of our videos to see just how tough our steel security doors are.

Wood and fiberglass openings pale in comparison. Wood is easily broken down, leaving your home vulnerable. Fiberglass is more durable but still cracks under severe impact. Ultimately, you cannot depend on these materials for your front entrances to keep out home invaders.

Best of all, your exteriors can be both safe and attractive. Each of our custom-made doors are aesthetically pleasing and live up to our guarantee. You can even choose to paint your entry any color you’d like to best match your decor.

Protect what matters most to you with steel security doors that assure protection you can count on. The Secure Door offers the best steel front doors to install for higher security.

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