What Makes Our Security Doors Different?

Google the phrase “security doors” and you will find millions of companies selling different products promising safety, so I’m sure many of you are wondering: “What makes The Secure Door different from the rest of these sellers?”

There are several distinctive differences between our security doors and all others.

1. Multi-Point Lock Hardware

We are the only company to offer a “multi point” lock within a steel door. Competitors offer these in fiberglass or wood doors only. A steel door is much more durable than these options as it provides a physical barrier that cannot be broken or forced open.

2. Electronic Locks for Doors

We offer some of the most cutting-edge technology for high impact doors—electronic locks from YaleTM. Many people make the mistake of hiding a spare key somewhere on their property, which is a huge safety risk. This keyless aspect of our products allows you the convenience of being able to open your entry by code, saving you from having to hide a spare.

3. Steel Frame Standard

We are the only company to offer a steel frame standard with all our security doors. We don’t offer a wood frame at all. This aspect of our design is pivotal to preventing invaders from prying your exterior door open.

4. An Attractive and Proactive Security Solution

The Secure Door system is just as beautiful as it is safe. Our items are nearly indistinguishable in appearance from some of the most beautiful and decorative doors available anywhere, with or without glass light inserts. The distinctive difference is that our doors are engineered and designed to be superior to others in thwarting a break in.

5. Guarantee Against Forced Entry

Most importantly, we are the only company to offer a guarantee against break in on all of our security doors. We provide safety and peace of mind that you can count on.

If you want to keep your home and loved ones safe, a secure entrance is a vital investment. Our steel doors are perfect to use as any exterior entrance—be it main, side, or garage. Are you looking for high impact security doors? Email questions to us at info@thesecuredoor.com or call give us a call at 1-775-785-0050.

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